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The Red Thread

Charlotte Walker doesn’t believe in destiny. She believes in working for what you want; like her bachelor’s degree, or a date with her current crush. So when a fairground psychic offers to show Charlotte her romantic fate, she doesn’t see the point in refusing. After all, she believes in psychics about as much as destiny. But when the psychic turns out to be the real thing, Charlotte is forced to reevaluate her life, and the people in it; including the charming new regular at work.

The Red Thread, a fictional story about fate, love, first impressions, and sewing supplies,┬áis the very first completed and published work of A.N. King (which is me by the way) and it’s being sold as a paperback novel (available now on Amazon)! Heck, I even have my own Amazon Author’s Page to go with it! It may not look like it to the rest of the world, or to anyone reading this, but this is an absolutely massive milestone in my life. This novel represents my first completion of the NaNoWriMo November writing challenge, but more than that it’s the first of hopefully many publications of my work.

Writing this novel has been such a long process, and as much as I enjoyed that process, I’m so happy to see it completed. That being said, I can’t quite seem to let it all just slip away without another thought. (Even if I’ve already jumped headlong into a brand new project for July!) So, this week, I’m taking Wednesday and Friday to share, with whoever will listen, two of the primary points of inspiration I had for writing this book! Including, my own personal thoughts on them, alongside how they helped shape the story itself. Don’t worry. I’ll stay away from spoilers.

I’m looking forward to taking a little more time to talk about my new book, and would be incredibly grateful to anyone willing to check it out!

As a side note: You can always feel free to contact the author (me again!) via email @ whitewolfwriter@gmail.com


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