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Writing The Red Thread: The Myth

Charlotte Walker doesn’t believe in destiny. She believes in working for what you want; like her bachelor’s degree, or a date with her current crush. So when a fairground psychic offers to show Charlotte her romantic fate, she doesn’t see the point in refusing. After all, she believes in psychics about as much as destiny. But when the psychic turns out to be the real thing, Charlotte is forced to reevaluate her life, and the people in it; including the charming new regular at work.

The basic premise of The Red Thread is inspired by a Far Eastern mythology, of the same basic name.  Throughout my research I found no specific myths, just a concept that I found incredibly intriguing. This concept was, basically, that every person is born with a red string (typically referred to as being tied around either their little finger or ankle) that connects them to the person they are destined to marry. As an Anthropology student, my first reaction was to try and analyze the myth: of course, a culture known for arranging their marriages would develop a myth like this one; it was a nice way to recommend arranged marriages to people. But beyond that, I found something wonderfully romantic about the notion. 

I stumbled upon this idea, more so, than I searched it out. I had a friend in High School; she was the first to mention this myth to me, and then, years later the concept simply got stuck in my head, and wouldn’t leave until I wrote this novel. I began to wonder what the world might look like through a lens that implied that this red thread was real, and not simply a societal tool, and that thought process is, inevitably, what lead me to write this book.

Originally, my November novel was supposed to be about zombies.

Be sure to check out The Red Thread (a fictional story about fate, love, first impressions, and sewing supplies)the very first completed and published work of A.N. King on Amazon!

As a side note: You can always feel free to contact the author (me again!) via email @ whitewolfwriter@gmail.com



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