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Your Poem

Disclaimer: This poem is meant to be shared, so do with it as you will.

This poem is for you.
So do not be fooled,
Because it isn’t written in your hand,
Or with your pen,
Or because you simply found it,
It’s been yours all along.
Perhaps even since
Before it was written.
Now that that’s through,
And we’ve cleared all that up,
I honestly have not much to say,
Except I hope you have a good day.
And i do mean that today,
And tomorrow,
Next week, and next month,
All through next year,
Because I don’t need to have met you
To know you deserve it.

Author’s Note: I wrote this poem at the beginning of this year, while entertaining the idea of writing something for somebody I’d never met before, and just leaving it for them to find. I wondered if maybe it could possible make someone’s day even just a little bit better. Then, after writing this, I started to worry that it was too silly, or just not good enough tho give away. So sharing this here is going to be my first step towards doing that; maybe now I’ll work up the courage to leave a few copies for whoever is meant to find it.


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Thoughts From Your Favorite Cookie

Thank goodness. It was dark in here.

You’ll probably trip and fall today.

If you find an umbrella on the side of the road, hold onto it, it’s going to rain.

Don’t take candy from strangers.

You should stand out on a street corner and hand out free sweets sometime.

You’re more  valuable, than the silk road was to the spice trade.

Go to bed early tonight, you look tired.

Buy a new battery for your watch, the old one’s running low.

A dirty house is a good excuse to not have anyone over.

Make that phone call you were thinking about; you won’t regret it.

Read any good books lately? The answer should be yes.

Go outside. It’s a lovely day.

Even if it isn’t nice out today, you should still go for a walk.

Why are you taking advice from me? It’s not like I have any life experience.


Today’s prompt (#21!) was to rewrite Frank O’Hara’s poem Lines for the Fortune Cookies. So this is me doing that!

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