Writing The Red Thread: The People

Charlotte Walker doesn’t believe in destiny. She believes in working for what you want; like her bachelor’s degree, or a date with her current crush. So when a fairground psychic offers to show Charlotte her romantic fate, she doesn’t see the point in refusing. After all, she believes in psychics about as much as destiny. But when the psychic turns out to be the real thing, Charlotte is forced to reevaluate her life, and the people in it; including the charming new regular at work.

The very first time I drafted up ideas for The Red Thread, it took place in a High School, with significantly younger characters; at that time it was destined to become a Young Adult’s book, instead of the Romance I ended up publishing it as. A large part of what changed that idea, and transformed it into the one that I stuck with throughout the final draft, was a conversation I had with some other bloggers. That conversation involved bookstores. What I got out of that conversation, more than anything else, was that there were girls out there (quite a few of them actually) that adored the thought of a casual romance. What’s more, is that there were plenty of these girls who either felt like that wasn’t something that they could accomplish in clubs or at parties, or they just didn’t see themselves in those settings at all anyway. So in the end, I wrote this novel for these blogger-girls, and because of them too. I wanted to explore the possibilities surrounding what I eventually dubbed to be a casual romance. Just, as I wanted to explore the ability of the things we’re passionate about bringing people together.

Perhaps my intentions narrowed my audience. Sometimes, I genuinely worry about that. But, all the same, I wanted to write a story that the type of women who inspired this book, might be able to relate to.

Be sure to check out The Red Thread (a fictional story about fate, love, first impressions, and sewing supplies)the very first completed and published work of A.N. King on Amazon!

As a side note: You can always feel free to contact the author (me again!) via email @ whitewolfwriter@gmail.com



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2 responses to “Writing The Red Thread: The People

  1. Interesting premise. Is it fantastical with the psychic? I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

    • It is a little bit! It’s genre is technically Paranormal Romance, if that helps at all, but all the same I would say that the paranormal aspects are at most equally as present as the… well, normal ones. Haha

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