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Thoughts From Your Favorite Cookie

Thank goodness. It was dark in here.

You’ll probably trip and fall today.

If you find an umbrella on the side of the road, hold onto it, it’s going to rain.

Don’t take candy from strangers.

You should stand out on a street corner and hand out free sweets sometime.

You’re more  valuable, than the silk road was to the spice trade.

Go to bed early tonight, you look tired.

Buy a new battery for your watch, the old one’s running low.

A dirty house is a good excuse to not have anyone over.

Make that phone call you were thinking about; you won’t regret it.

Read any good books lately? The answer should be yes.

Go outside. It’s a lovely day.

Even if it isn’t nice out today, you should still go for a walk.

Why are you taking advice from me? It’s not like I have any life experience.


Today’s prompt (#21!) was to rewrite Frank O’Hara’s poem Lines for the Fortune Cookies. So this is me doing that!


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Be Direct!

Since High School, I have had a grand total of three admirers. Not that I’m complaining or anything, since I’ve also been a self prescribed spinster for about equally as long. Really though that spinster title is mostly a deflection tactic for when random strangers or nosy family members start asking me when I’ll “stop being mean to boys and start dating already”.

Well, here’s a crazy thought, maybe I’ll start dating once a guy who claims to like me has had an actual conversation with me. I mean, that doesn’t seem like too much to ask right? I don’t think so, but in all of my semi-adult life I have never had an admirer who even talked to me before deciding they liked me. I just don’t get it! How do you know if you like me if you haven’t spoken to me? And pardon me for not feeling comfortable with the thought of our first shot at communication occurring while I’m stranded on some inevitably awkward date!

Okay. maybe that sounds a little harsh. Which I’ve been told I can be sometimes. Actually I’ve been told that I can be downright intimidating. I’ve had it pointed out that I scare people, and that boys don’t talk to me for that reason.

I’ve also been told that if a guy does work up the courage to talk to me or, heavens help me, ask me on a date, that I should immediately say yes. That I have to give that guy a chance and not dash his confidence. Maybe I am harsh, but I have such a problem with that! I’m not a gold star that someone should get to parade around with because they learned how to approach a person!

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On Notebooks in Coffee Shops

Traveler's Notebook Starbucking

 (Photo credit: koalazymonkey)

The most amazing thing happened to me the other day. I was sat down in an overcrowded Starbucks with a mostly untouched latte and a NaPoWriMo poem that needed writing. During these times, I write in a notebook that I carry around with me everywhere I go; it’s were most of my poetry gets hashed out, where all of my brainstorming gets documented, and even where whole passages of  whatever project I’m working on gets written down. So there I was trying not to tap my pen to loudly against a brand new notebook when the lady next to me leans over a bit and says “Do you journal often?”

I was shocked at first, actually I was shocked for quite a while after that as well. Generally I like to assume that people aren’t talking to me when I think they might be because it helps stop me from throwing out some unwelcome comment before I have the time to even figure out whether or not I’m a participant in the conversation. So I looked up at this lady and sure enough she was looking right at me and my notebook.

I explained to her that I was a writer, a personal identifier that’s been coming to mind a lot more quickly lately, and told her that I used notebooks for all of the aforementioned things I use my handy-dandy notebook for.

Somehow, the subject of my manuscript came up, and then it was my conversation partners turned to be stunned, I guess. She responded with excitement, told me that what I was doing was impressive, and then went on to ask me about my book! Luckily, finishing the rough draft has helped me figure out how to sum up the thing without rambling on forever. Especially lucky, because she seemed excited about my book, like ‘hey I might be interested in reading that one day’ excited! Which was absolutely fantastic! Here was this random encouraging woman who fit my projected audience, complimenting me on my efforts and genuinely interested in my book. It was….indescribable honestly.

Now having this little conversation doesn’t mean my book is or will be any good, nor does it guarantee me a reader once I publish. What it did do, was help make me realize just how easy it is to reach out to your audience. There are people out there who will be genuinely interested in the things that you’re doing. Whether you’re a writer or a musician or some other artist or even a scientist or mathematician. There are interested people out there who’d like to hear what you have to say. All it takes is a little initiative to connect with some of those people, or in this case a little willingness to be approached by them.


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